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The Council –

The Canadian Pipeliner Accreditation Council is an ad-hoc industry stakeholder initiative. The Council’s mandate is to provide the Canadian pipeline industry with the tools required to meet the competency management or assessment requirements dictated by the Z662 industry-standard. The Council fulfills its mandate through volunteer and contracted services providing three primary functions:

  1. Development of Competency Assessment Code Requirements and Guidelines
  2. Standardized Qualification Exams
  3. Maintenance of the National Pipeliner Qualification Registry

Industry is encouraged to include appropriate CPAC qualifications in their competency requirements.

The Code –

Code Requirements are developed with stakeholder input:

  • to establish minimum verifiable knowledge requirements for regulatory, code and standard competency.
  • to establish qualification for specific subject matter areas within a competency management system.

The requirements provide recommended subject matter criteria which can also be used by stakeholders for the development of internal training programs and qualification exams.