The Canadian Pipeliner Accreditation Council membership program consists of two categories – Active and Associate Members.

Active Member

Membership in the Canadian Pipeliner Accreditation Council is automatic for Pipeliners holding one or more Certificates of Qualification under the Canadian Pipeline Code Qualification program. Membership expires 1 year after the publication of a new edition of the ‘CSA Z662 Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems’ if the member has not met the member program requirements and completed a code update examination.

In support of the Young Pipeliners Association of Canada, the membership fee included in the ‘Level 1 Basic Concepts’ examination is waived for applicants who identify their YPAC membership at the time of registration.

Associate Member

Associate membership is available to any organization or company in the oil and gas sector wishing to participate and support the standardized code and regulatory qualification programs. Annual dues are as:

  • 1-50 Employees: $250 per year
  • 51-500 Employees: $500 per year
  • 501 or more Employees: $1000 per year

To join please contact us at and request an Associate Membership Application.