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The Canadian Pipeliner Qualification Registry is an online database containing records of individuals who have met or exceeded the minimum examination or assessment requirements by their organizations or the Canadian Pipeliner Accreditation Council. Records are published based on qualification to the 2015 edition of the CSA Z662 Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems.

Each list is formatted alphabetically by surname. Published information includes name, certificate number and sponsoring organization if applicable.

If you are unable to find your CPAC qualification within the appropriate list, click/tap the button below to send us an email. Enter the requested information so you may be added to the registry.
Please allow 10 days for corrections to appear. A CPAC representative may contact you for additional details.


National Pipeliner Qualification Registry

Individuals listed under the following categories have been recognized as Qualified by the Canadian Pipeliner Accreditation Council in accordance with:

Level 1 – Basic Pipeline Concepts
Level 1 – Fusion Technician
Level 2 – Pipeline Design and Material Concepts
Level 2 – Pipeline Construction Concepts
Level 2 – Pipeline Welding Concepts
Level 2 – Pipeline Operation and Integrity Concepts
Level 2 – Fusion Technician
Level 2 – Pipeline Inspection Concepts
Level 2 – Pipeline Management System Auditing Concepts
Level 2 – Pipeline Distribution Concepts
Level 2 – Pipeline HazLoc and Electrical Concepts
Level 2 – Oil and Gas Facility Concepts
Level 3 – Pipeline Design
Level 3 – Pipeline Construction
Level 3 – Pipeline Operation
Level 3 – Pipeline Integrity Management
Level 3 – Pipeline Welding
Level 3 – General Pipeline Construction Inspector
Level 4 – Project Manager
Level 4 – Lead Auditor
Level 4 – Chief Inspector
Level 4 – CP Inspector
Level 4 – Welding Inspector
Level 4 – Coating Inspector
Level 4 – Regulatory Inspector
Level 4 – Fusion Inspector