Canadian Pipeliner Accreditation Council | Conseil Canadien d’Accréditation Pipeliner

Application for Certification as an Oil and Gas Pipeline Chief Inspector U.S. Regulatory Requirements


Notice to Applicant


Registrant Information


Confirmation & Payment

  • Application for Certification as a:

  • *Dual Jurisdiction Note: Applicants for the Canadian certificate who are in possession of a valid US concepts qualification will be dual certified. Applicants for the US certificate who are in possession of a valid Canadian concepts qualification will be dual certified.

  • Fee: $300

    Note to Applicant: Prior to submitting your registration please ensure that any required documents have not expired. Once your registration has been accepted you will be contacted by email requesting submission of scanned copies of your document package for review. The document assessment will include a document verification and may also include a request for additional information or clarifications by email or by phone.

    For additional details about your submission and the terms and conditions please see the general Application for Pipeline Inspector Certification page.

    Immediately following submission of this form, you will receive an email confirming your exam registration.
    Upon confirmation of your payment, you will receive a second email confirming the date, location and time for writing your exam. This notice is typically issued within 2 business days.
    You will also be requested to provide the following documents:

    Proof of identification:
    • Copy of a valid Driver's Licence;
    • Copy of a valid Passport; or
    • Copy of another valid Government issued piece of Photo Identification
    Details of your education, training and experience in the form of a Resume or CV.

    Evidence of training and qualification listed in your Resume or CV.
    • Evidence could include Degrees, Certificates of Attendance or Completion, Certificates of Qualification or Competence.
    Verification of Experience.
    • Experience may be provided in the form of letters of reference from former employers or reference names, position and contact phone numbers.