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The Canadian Pipeliner Accreditation Council Do’s, Don’ts and FAQs

Do’s and Don’ts

  • We DO publish the Canadian Pipeliner Competency Code requirements
  • We DON’T grant corporate accreditations
  • We DO manage the National Pipeliner Qualification Registry
  • We DON’T provide curriculum development services
  • We DO provide curriculum development guidelines through the Council’s Code requirements
  • We DON’T provide technical training
  • We DO facilitate training system effectiveness audits


Q. Do I have to repeat my level 1, 2, and 3 courses when a new code edition is published?

A. No. While retaking training courses to updated standards is acceptable, qualification levels under the CPAC system can be maintained with a Code Update Qualification exam. Various preparatory resources are available when new codes are published, including self-study, online courses and formal update presentations.

Q. I have just changed companies. My level 1 certificate was signed by my old company. Is it transferable or do I have to write the exam again?

A. Yes. Certificates are transferable provided they are acceptable to your new employer.

Q. I’ve been in this industry for 21 years. Do I have to take additional training before writing the level 2 and 3 exams?

A. No. All exams can be challenged. As industry Codes and Standards continually evolve, training is always recommended however experienced individuals who are knowledgeable in current editions of industry Codes and Standards may elect to demonstrate their competence by challenging exams.