Qualification Expiry

CPAC QUALIFICATIONS DO NOT EXPIRE! They do however become stale dated.

During the initial structuring for the Canadian Pipeliner Qualification program the Council considered many models including those used by API and ISO. Most systems use an elapsed time qualification expiry (eg. 18 months, 2 years 3 years) after which a form of re-qualification is required. The Council’s final determination was to link all CPAC qualifications to a Specific edition of the CSA Z662 (primary industry standard). The intent is that once a code qualification is earned it is considered a permanent record of achievement. Certificate holders are however required to maintain their qualifications in a form relevant to the current edition of the industry standard. To accomplish this, a Code Update Qualification exam will be available to certificate holders for a period of 1 year after publication of a new CSA Z662 edition. Once passed, all existing CPAC Qualification Certificates held by the writer will be re-issued to the new edition of the CSA Standard.

Several organizations offer code update training when a new standard is published. This training can be obtained in Lecture, Online and White Paper formats.

It is recommended that Companies using or accepting the CPAC certificates consider these documents as current evidence of qualification for a period of 1 year after the publication of a new standard.

The current standard is the:

CAN/CSA Z662-19 Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems, published June 2019.