Qualification Program

Qualification Levels

The purpose of the CPAC Qualification system is to provide companies with a recognized format that can be integrated with their Competency Management Programs (CMP) to establish specific levels of code based qualification to the CSA Z662 and regulatory requirements.

Each Qualification identifies a level of knowledge which can be added to the job description within the company’s CMP.

Entry Level Qualification – CPAC Level 1

Basic Concepts and Content for the CSA Z276 – 18 Liquefied Natural Gas

Intermediate Level Qualification – CPAC Level 2

Pipeline Design and Material Concepts
Pipeline Construction Concepts
Pipeline Welding Concepts
Pipeline Operation and Integrity Concepts
Pipeline QC Inspector
Pipeline Management System Auditing Concepts
Pipeline Distribution Systems
Pipeline Electrical Systems

Senior Level Qualification – CPAC Level 3

Pipeline Designer
Pipeline Constructer
Pipeline Operator
Pipeline Integrity Manager
Pipeline Welder
API 1169 Pipeline Inspector
Pipeline Distribution Specialist

Subject Matter Experts – CPAC Level 4

Project Manager
Lead Auditor
Chief Inspector
Welding Inspector
Coating Inspector
Regulatory Inspector